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This coming from man who’s “music career” is anything less of mediocre. This comment, btw, is coming from a musician; you know, one of those people who actually studies music, and actually has a passion for music; not a want for fame and synthetic bullshit. Ugh. I just hate it when people push off their problems or society’s problems on music, or websites, or TV shows, or video games.

Tumblr and Twitter are not the problem with “your generation”, Drake. It’s their parenting and up-bringing that’s the problem. Maybe if kids were forced to get out more or encouraged a little more, maybe they’d get off the internet and make something of themselves.

l o l drake.

uh, hey, asshole, I don’t even listen to your punk ass music but I’ve discovered a lot of new shit through Tumblr, including music. Sit your ass down. I don’t see you putting up a foundation or anything to get kids active. You got all that goddamn money but I don’t hear you doing anything for libraries or playgrounds, something that would get kids out of the house. Yeah, all you do is fucking talk like the tool you are.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ anddd goodnight folks. Amen.

i will delete my account TONIGHT 

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